Guild Information

Flaer a posted Jun 12, 14
Guild Name: <Midnight Smacks>

Guild Level: Level 25

Faction: Alliance

Realm: Perenolde-US merged with Cairne-US

Guild Master/Raid Leader: Flaer-Perenolde

Officers: Flaer-Perenolde, Veda-Perenolde, Thalan-Perenolde

Current Progression: 6/14 10-man Normal SoO, 13/14 Flex SoO as of June 12, 2014. Working on Flex Garrosh.

MoP Plans: To continue to progress in Flex Siege of Orgrimmar and transition further into Normal mode after killing Garrosh in Flex. To farm Flex Garrosh for Heirlooms prior to Warlords of Draenor launch.

WoD Plans: With the changes coming to raid formats we'll be focusing full time on the new 'Normal' difficulty level (equivalent to current 'Flex'). If 'Normal' becomes trivial we'll bump up to the 'Heroic' level (equivalent to current 'Normal'). Due to the new scaling format being introduced for Normal and Heroic raids we will not have to worry about roster rotations.

About the guild: Midnight Smacks has been raiding in some form or another since Vanilla and a decent chunk of the roster is the same core of people from our first Zul'gurub raids. The majority of the guild are adults in their mid 30's to early 40's with some outliers in their 20's. The overall guild atmosphere is relaxed/social and this carries over into raids. Progression in raids is more to see the content than it is for prestige or bragging rights so we're more inclined to accept candidates based on attitude rather than skill. We're finding that Flex is just about the perfect difficulty for our current roster.

Raids run Sunday and Tuesday nights from 7:30pm to 10pm Mountain time (9:30pm-Midnight Eastern time). Candidates would be required to consistently attend both days however we strive to maintain a large enough roster that signouts can happen without cancelling the raid. Times/days may change in WoD but would be done so after consulting all roster members. As it stands now we would likely keep Sunday raids and change Monday raids to a different day.

Specific Needs: At this time we're looking to expand our tank and healing rosters both for current content and for continuing in WoD. Detailed below is what we're specifically looking for class-wise however **any class** will be considered if the person is a good fit for the group. We have 1-2 tank positions open and 1-2 healer positions open.

Tank Applicants: We currently run a Protection Warrior and Feral Druid tanking team with a Blood Death Knight as backup. We're heavy on Warriors and Druids already and somewhat heavy on Paladins so a Death Knight or Monk applicant would be ideal (Monk being best as we have none) but any class would be considered. Tank applicants should be willing and able to DPS occasionally as we would like to rotate active tanks to keep them all familiar with the content. Being able to DPS as well allows us to still bring you along rather than have to sit out when rotated from tanking.

Healer Applicants: At this time our Healer team consists of two Discipline Priests, a Restoration Druid and a Holy Paladin. We also have a Resto shaman backup. Ideal healer applicants would be a Monk or Shaman as we have 1 Shaman (Elemental) and 0 Monks on the roster. Like the Tank applicants, Healer applicants should be willing to DPS occasionally to ensure we can rotate active healers without having to sit anyone out.

DPS Applicants: We don't specifically need any more DPSers however quality applicants would definitely be considered. DPS with tank or healing off-specs are especially welcome.

Applying: Submit an application below or contact Flaer via BattleTag @ Flaer#1156 if you have any questions.